Flying Hovercraft

Flying hovercraft

Take one cool four person hovercraft, add some wings and you have the Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft.

It can reach speeds of around 78 mph and fly about six feet off the ground, this is cause for some serious fun, though it doesn’t come cheap at £150,000!

Though if you happen to have that sort of money lying around then go to firebox to find out more

Nokia Aardman ‘Gulp’ world’s largest stop motion animation

Here is another awesome video from Nokia and Aardman, their last one Dot was the world’s smallest character animation, now this time they have made Gulp, the world’s largest stop motion animation. This was also made shot on the Nokia N8. This one is again a few years old, but worth seeing again.

Check it out:

Here is the making of:

Camping stove phone charger

Biolite stoveThe Biolite camping stove is a awesomely design gadget. Its great for having a fire or cooking or charging your phone.

The stove turns heat generated by the fire you have made in it, in to electrical energy to charge your mobile device, we think thats pretty awesome.

But at just under £150, its an expensive phone charger.

Nokia Aardman ‘Dot’ worlds smallest character animation

Ok yes, this was done a few years ago but it is definitely awesome, we thought we would share it again as it is just so good.

Made by Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit, and using a Nokia N8 comes Dot – the worlds smallest character animation.

Check it out below:

Here is the making of:

Glass Pool Table

glass pool tableNow this is totally awesome, a glass pool table, it just looks super stylish and whats more it has been specially designed and has a special coating so the balls move as if they were on a normal pool table.

This is a definite must have but you need £39,000 spare to purchase it from

BBQ Donut Boat

BBQ Donut BoatNow BBQ’s and boats don’t get any more awesome than this, the BBQ Donut Boat.

The BBQ Donut Boat can seat up to 10 people and is ideal for people with a lake or somewhere by the sea to entertain their guests, family or friends.

Imagine a nice summers day, on the water, gently cruising around, whilst enjoying a BBQ!

All you need is £20,000 and it’s yours, head over to for more info and how to get hold of one of these.