Drumstick Squashies Sweets

Drumstick Squashies are some awesome new sweets from Swiggels Matlow.

If you remember or still eat Drumstick lollies, then you will love these Squashies, they taste just like Drumsticks, but are as the name suggests, squashy.

And whats even better than the lolly version is that these don’t get stuck in your teeth.

We are rather addicted to these new Squashies. Though we haven’t found many shops that sell them yet.

They also do Love Heart Squshies, Double Lollie Squashies and Refreshers Squashies, we have yet to try these, but if you have, or would like to send us some, then get in touch.

Futuristic gel based Fridge

Check out this awesome super futuristic fridge from Russian industrial design student Yuriy Dmitriev, who entered it into the Electrolux 2010 design awards.

This is pretty insane, but totally awesome. The fridge works by a Bio Robot which cools biopolymer gel through(sounds complicated). There are no shelves in the fridge as the gel, which is non sticky and odourless, morphs around the products, suspending the items in separate pods. The fridge is four times smaller than a regular one, odours are contained and items are kept at their optimal temperature.

No word on a release date yet, but could this be the future of fridges.

Check out the video of it below:

For more visit: Electrolux Design Lab

Magimix See Through Toaster

Do you want to be able to actually see when your toast is cooked the way you like it? Tired of the toast either being undercooked or worse burnt? Well then this is the kitchen gadget we have all been looking for.

The Magimix See Through Toaster, is pretty awesome, with toughened glass sides to actually see the bread being toasted. It also self centers the bread or bun or whatever you are toasting.

You can also check out the video of it below:

The Lego Story a video history

The Lego group is currently celebrating its 80th birthday and as part of the celebrations has released an animated video of the history of the Lego Group and its awesome toy of the century Lego.

The video provides insight into the story of Lego and its founders, from making wooden toys right through many issues to creating what we know today as Lego. The video is well worth watching and shows us to keep going and to never give up. Check it out below:

Homemade back yard roller coaster

A dedicated Dad has built a back yard roller coaster for their child. It is made from PVC pipe, treated wood and concrete. It has a 12ft drop and is definitely enjoyed. Well done. Check out the video of it below:

If you know of any other homemade roller coasters or you have built one yourself, then let us know.

Warburtons Toastie heated butter knife

Bread maker Warburtons has created a self heated butter knife, dubbed the Toastie Knife.

Ever been in a situation where the butter has been too hard to spread? Well this invention solves that problem.

The knife is powered by two AA batteries, which heats a small element at the top of the knife. The heated knife, melts the butter making it easier to spread. Awesome. Check it out in the video below: