Converse Chuck Taylor Country Collection

New Chuck Taylor Country collection Converse high tops are seriously cool. The countries available are UK (Union Jack), USA, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy and Jamaica. Converse lovers in those countries or even just Converse lovers, gotta get a pair.

Check them out at

Giant Jelly Baby Mould

If you love jelly or jelly babies or both, then you definitely need the coolest jelly mould around. A giant jelly baby mould. Simply pour in your jelly, let it set, and turn it upside down to reveal a giant jelly baby. Awesome. Check it out at Firebox

Available from Firebox

Canon vs Nikon Lens Chess Set

Canon or Nikon? Why not solve it over a game of chess? Here we have a chess set which features real Canon and Nikon lenses. The team over at got a little bored and so made this awesome chess set. They even decided to stick it on their site for rental, though it does work out at about $9,221.00 per week.

Check it out at the Lensrentals Blog or the rental page for US only sadly.

Boombox Pillows

Pillows don’t get anymore awesome than this! A set of three pillows that make up a boombox, or they can be purchased individually. They even look realistic, the only thing they don’t do is play music, but who cares about that, these hit the top of the awesome scale.

Available from Meninos