Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Sweet Mould

Sleigh mould Sleigh mouldHow is this for totally awesome. Yep thats right its a baking mould that allows you to create Santa’s Sleigh and his Reindeers, so all you baking kings and queens, get one of these and get baking. Sweet.

The mould is available for £11.99 from Lakeland



snowflake-closeup-diy-setup-alexey-kljatov-2Snow is just the most totally awesome thing, the most awesome weather, the most awesome awesomeness.

Snow is made up from bizillions of snowflakes, each one unique, expertly designed and awesome. Check out this website for close up macro images of snow flakes and see what we mean.

So yeh, we love snow here on Awesome Stuff, if you agree, let us know.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations – Jelly Popping Candy Shells


Cadbury Dairy Milk Jelly Popping Candy

Wow, Cadbury have just had a new dose of imagination and fun, these new marvellous creations chocolate are simply totally awesome and super tasty, the best we think is the Jelly Popping Candy Shells one, we just totally love it and want more and more and more… err yes well if you have not yet tried this gorgeous chocolate then what are you waiting for, get down to your local shop and get a bar or two.

Karl Fazer Lontoo Rae Chocolate

Karl Fazer Lontoo Rae

This in our opinion has to be the best chocolate in the world!

Made in Finland by Fazer, Karl Fazer Lontoo Rae features liquorice dragées in milk chocolate, not only is Fazer chocolate itself totally tasty but with the liquorice combination, it is out of this world tasty.

You can get it in all good stores that sell chocolate in Finland, but over in the UK we have found which imports and sells it, along with other Fazer and Finnish sweets and chocolate.

London Underground Tube Tent

tube tentFollowing on from the VW Campervan tent comes one that is shaped as a London Underground Tube train.

It is almost as big as one too, and can sleep upto 16 people or have around 72 people standing, might be a bit of a squeeze but if your recreating the Tube feeling then why not.

Perfect for a big party camp, though it costs almost £2,000, it is rather awesome.

Flying Hovercraft

Flying hovercraft

Take one cool four person hovercraft, add some wings and you have the Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft.

It can reach speeds of around 78 mph and fly about six feet off the ground, this is cause for some serious fun, though it doesn’t come cheap at £150,000!

Though if you happen to have that sort of money lying around then go to firebox to find out more

Nokia Aardman ‘Gulp’ world’s largest stop motion animation

Here is another awesome video from Nokia and Aardman, their last one Dot was the world’s smallest character animation, now this time they have made Gulp, the world’s largest stop motion animation. This was also made shot on the Nokia N8. This one is again a few years old, but worth seeing again.

Check it out:

Here is the making of:

Nokia Aardman ‘Dot’ worlds smallest character animation

Ok yes, this was done a few years ago but it is definitely awesome, we thought we would share it again as it is just so good.

Made by Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit, and using a Nokia N8 comes Dot – the worlds smallest character animation.

Check it out below:

Here is the making of: